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The Uniflate system has been used in Formula 1 for 20 years and used in every Grand Prix race tyre since 1992

Why use Nitrogen? Safety, Nitrogen tyre inflation is mandatory in the airline industry. Reliability, the moon buggy used nitrogen in its tyres as long ago as 1969.

Now used in Car, Commercial & LGV's throughout the UK, Uniflate Nitrogen tyre inflation system improves not only safety and road handling performance but also increases the life of your tyres.

How it works

Oxygen and water vapour contained in compressed air, leaks through the tyre structure resulting in a decrease in pressure.

Nitrogen permetates from the tyre up to 10 times slower than air giving correct tyre pressure for longer, ensuring the tyre maintains it's correct footprint on the road which creates less drag on the road surface, therefore leading to safer motoring, a longer tread life and a reduction in fuel consumption.

Why inflate with Nitrogen?

Under inflated tyres create drag which increases tread wear, fuel costs and the risk of punctures as well as having a significant effect on a cars performance both in handling and cost. Uniflate produces a stable inflation mixture,that has improved pressure retention properties that will ensure tyres remain fully inflated for longer. By having your tyres at the correct pressures you will experience the following benefits:

1. Better handling and road holding
2. Reduces tread wear and increases tyre life by up to 25%
3. Correct inflation pressures reduce puncture risk by up to 33%
4. Reduced rolling resistance improves miles per gallon by 2%
5. Improved pressure retention

The difference with Uniflate


Nitrogen tyre inflation comes at a cost of £2 per wheel for the initial inflation and is maintained free of charge on a 6 monthly basis.

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